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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 19, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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who was caught in the cross. a stunning scene at a conference overseas. an au watches a shootout between two groups of people shuts down a b- a-r-t station for hours. who was caught in the cross fire. a conference overseas and an audience watches in horror as a gunman tries to anacin ate a political leaders. in 24 hours most will be glued to their televisions for the championship games while the 49ers fans are starting to
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party. good evening. i'm ann notar angelo. there was a shootout at the bay fair b-a-r-t station. police have one suspect in custody and are looking for more. >> reporter: b-a-r-t is back and running and all trains are on time and stopping here at the bayfair b-a-r-t station. the police gave an update about an hour ago or less and they say there was a fight around noon today. three to four people involved in each group and that's when the one victim at this point in their investigation, they think he was a victim, wrong place, wrong time. police say it was a shootout between two groups of people at the bayfair b-a-r-t station. >> there was some words exchanged, both groups began to fire. >> and police think it was an innocent bystander that was hit in the cross fire. now a 16-year-old is in custody and police are looking for a half dozen more suspects who could be involved.
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>> there was two groups shooting at each other and we have one person in custody. >> it happened in front of the bayfair b-a-r-t station. a 40-year-old african-american is killed. another female is okay with non- life-threatening injuries. the station was closed all afternoon, catching many riders by surprise. >> i'm trying to go to san francisco airport to work so now i have to report i'm going to be late. >> i'm on it every week, so it is a little scary. >> reporter: police say there were witnesses and they are hoping surveillance video taken on a nearby transit bus may give them some clues. last month there was another b- a-r-t shooting, this one at the pittsburgh bay point station. but police say crimes like this are still rare. >> we don't have a an of shootings whether it be in daylight or nighttime. so this is atypical. >> and even that hour police say they are still talking to witness and gathering evidence. there was a second crime scene
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where they found some evidence in a nearby residential neighborhood. they won't release what that was. they have established a anonymous tip line at 510-464- 7011. live in san leandro. cbs 5. another fate aol shooting in -- another fatal shooting in san francisco at fillmore and gary streets. after being hit, the man crashed into a parked car. the gunman who witnesses say was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt ran to another car and took off. san francisco 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree is expected to play tomorrow against the falcons. the news comes as crabtree finds himself involved in a sexual assault investigation. crabtree's lawyer said he is cooperating with san francisco police and voluntarily answered questions before heading to
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atlanta with the team. so now we're just about 14 hours away from kickoff and not only are the 49ers -- not only have the 49ers arrived but so have the faithful. we have more from atlanta. >> reporter: just practicing my colin kaepernicking. what he does after he scores touchdowns. look at these 49er fans here in atlanta. they are already trying to perfect it. >> colin -- colin? >> as for the team, under heavy security, here they were arriving after an hour and a half walk-through. coach jim harbaugh was the only one who satisfied the autograph seekers. >> are you guys fairly confident about tomorrow? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> no doubt. >> we have a good, tough offense. i don't think their defense can handle it.
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>> meantime, at the airport, 49er fans have arrived. >> new orleans style. don't give up. >> you came from utah? >> salt lake city, utah. >> 49ers will win because why? >> because smith is going to do his thing. and if they do their thing, the defense steps up and do what they did last week, and offense is going to step up like they did last week so we're going to be all right. >> not quite the kaepernick tattoo, but this will do. and one more trip, to new orleans and superbowl 47. in atlanta, vern glenn, cbs 5. >> well president obama officially begins his second term at noon tomorrow. public swearing in is on monday. according to a new york times poll, he heads into his second term with an approval rating of 51%. 10 months ago his approval rating was 41%, the lowest of his presidency.
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mr. obama's highest rating was 68% in april of 2009. today the inauguration festivities kicked off with a nationwide day of service. and susan mcginnis is in washington, d.c. where there was a concert for young guests and military families. susan? >> reporter: hi, ann. after the national day of service went really well here today, it was a beautiful day, folks out here trying to find out how to help communities and meeting up with investment organizations, about -- volunteer organizations, about 100 of them. and it started at the last inaugural, and that is star studded talent. the cast of glee was there. katy perry and to kick off the event was usher. >> reporter: the stars came out for one of the first big inaugural galas. katy perry headlined the kids concert in washington. >> i'm very, very proud to be a part of this weekend and to see the obamas and the bidens for
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four more years. >> the first lady and her daughters joined the crowd of more than 5,000 to honor military families. >> to america's military kids, let me tell you, make no mistake about it, you are an important part of the greatest military on earth. >> president obama will take the oath of office at the white house on sunday. the date set out in the constitution. but crews are busy making sure everything will be ready for the big public ceremony. >> seating has been set up outside of the capitol to hold some of the 800,000 people expected here on monday, a much smaller crowd than four years ago. this family came all the way from california. >> i'm going to feel so great to see him take that oath one more time. >> the three-day celebration kicked off with a national day of service. the president pitched in at a washington, d.c. elementary school. >> everybody here, adults to children, understands the importance of giving back. >> 17-year-old madelyn hart net
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and other students sent messages to seven is members -- to service members overseas. >> we had the opportunity to give back to our troops to give them cards to tell them we love them. >> organizers say service events took place in all 50 states. >> now the president created this national day of service and he is hoping that it is continued under future presidents. >> in washington, thanks so much. and stay with cbs 5 for complete coverage of the inauguration with special reports tomorrow and monday from you are very own kristin ayers in washington. a bloody end to the hostages in algeria. special forces stormed the gas plant where islamic militants were holding foreign workers hostage, including americans. cbs reporter charlie daggett on the raid that killed all of the militants and what they found inside the plant. >> reporter: these hostages were able to escape from the gas plant before algerian
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special forces launched their final assault. state media reports that a number of foreign hostages survived, including two americans. but in the chaos, it is not yet possible to get the exact figures. u.s. military aircraft evacuated some survivors to a nato air base in sicily. pictures of the siege show gunman rounding up hostages. >> this been worker said terrorists told him you have nothing to do with this. you are algerians and muslims, we only want the foreigners. bp chief executive bob dudley said 14 of the 18 foreign employees are safe. >> we are not able to confirm the circumstances of four of our employees. tragically, we gravely fear that we le about seeing fatalities from this group. >>al jeeron troops discovered heavy machine guns and rocket
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launchers and grenades. the hostages said the explosioners were wired around their necks. this man was identified as the leader of the attack. he is a lieutenant of newspaper tar, head of an al-qaeda linked group based in north africa. the oil company running the plant said the attackers had the entire refinery booby- trapped and would be days before the clearing-out process is complete. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. an attempted assassination fails after a gun doesn't go off. the long time leader of the movement for rights and freedoms escaped unharmed. security guards were seen beating and kicking the attacker. they arrested a 25-year-old man, no word on why the attacker targeted the 58-year- old goingan. across the country, they called it a rally in support of the 2nd amendment. a look at how gun appreciation
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day unfolded here in the bay area. and they are all set for the mavericks tomorrow morning. the early range dangerous signs -- the early and dangerous signs the surf will not disappoint. good evening. we will have the mavericks surf forecast as eyewitness news kins right here on the cw. ,,,,,,,,
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their opposition to stricter limits on firearms. from buffalo, new york... tin, texas... to this is a day gun activists rallied around the county showing their restriction on firearms. from buffalo, new york to austin, texas to pennsylvania, the signs of the crowd varied but the sentiment was the same,
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the gun control proposals. one of the rallies unfolded on the coast at san mateo count. patrick sedillo was there. [ singing ] >> reporter: in pacifica today, more than # hundred people -- more than 200 people rallied for the 2nd amendment. >> we need to have weapons. >> what for? >> to protect ourself. if a crime is committed, the cops come 10 minutes after it is over. >> the rally is against the president's plan to place stricter controls on guns. >> the president's plan is fair and balanced to bring safety for our children. >> but steve kemp said the law is strict enough as it is and if pressed would he use his gun. >> if somebody broke into my house and they were in there, sure i would. what am i supposed to do, let them kill me? >> but in the wake of sandy hook, this mother was there in support of the other side of the issue and just wants to keep her kids safe. >> i don't want to have to hire
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armed schools to surround the school wondering if someone will bring in an assault weapon and shooting 30 or 40 kindergarteners. >> how many times does it have to happen before we say let's address the key points of the issue which is to take the ability to get those weapons away from people who are mentally disturbed. >> and this man wants the laws to stay the same and keep his privacy private. >> i'm 80 years old, fourth generation californian. >> do you have a gun? >> that is none of your business. >> president obama is due to sign a con gun cole -- a gun control bill this month and the supporters i tacked to said they will -- i talked to said they will not back down. paul sedillo. station. two men have drowned in heavy surf off of kawai. two men were throwing rocks along a shoreline when a wave slammed into them.
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baker was dragged off and griffith tried to save him and they both drowned. griffith's body was recovered but the search was called off due to dangerous water. san francisco and u.s. coast guard rescue crews were called to ocean beach after the surfers were reported missing around 12:30 this afternoon. one witness told cbs 5 the surfers were struggling to get back to shore. >> it was looking like the waves were smashing on top of them but they eventually worked their way to shore without any assistance. >> the effort to save the surfers comes after the national weather service issued a high surf advisory from sonoma to the san mateo coast. standing or walking along the shore can also be hazardous. cbs 5 reporter ann maco vick tells us sneaker waves pose a real danger. >> i love to watch the swells. >> carol came to rodeo beach to
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take pictures but with caution. she's already experienced a sneaker wave. >> i was so busy looking at the waves and the foam came up and i sunk to my knees. i'm holding up the camera. >> sneakers appear out of nowhere and can wash out 150 feet farther than regular breakers and add to that the high surf advisory and the strong rip currents. >> people are out here with dogs and kids and i can't even watch sometimes because i know how these waves are. >> this family came to check them out for themselves. >> every wave breaks differently and so it is like watching a fire. it is very cool and mesmerizing. >> dylan originally came here to surf. >> but it is ginormous and i needed to get out. it was killing me. >> last month a father and son died after being washed off a rock while fishing. a few days later a man was walking with his wife and dog when a wave knocked the woman
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and the dog over. the man went to help them but he was knocked down and swept out to sea. dogs who play in the water are easily carried far from shore. >> my dog is terrified of the ocean so i don't worry. >> if your dog is swept into the ocean, they say not to try to rescue them and can swim well. but the best advice -- >> don't turn your back on the ocean. >> in marin county, ann maco vick, cbs 5. keeping her eyes on surf, mavericks tomorrow. >> a lot of people have been asking me, oh, i want to go down there and where is the best place to watch and it is like stay off the beach. and never have your back to an angry ocean. we have a lot of beach statements that have been issued because of the hazardous seas. good evening. let's share with you what the mavericks forecast looks like. today it was 66 degrees at half moon bay. tomorrow 64, bright sunshine.
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waves up to 20 feet. the rip current risk is high and off shore wind will continue to 15 miles per hour. monday for the holiday, more sunshine at 62 degrees and again that rip current risk remains on the high side. and speaking of high temperatures today, what a difference a day makes. for the first time this year, we saw 70 degrees across the bay area and that was in oakland. but it was 73 in santa cruz. above average in san jose. average high 57 in santa rosa but instead 65. and livermore and fairfield and concord are the cool spot at 60. currently we have 39 degrees already in livermore. we'll have to double check that. 39 also in santa rosa where the winds are still calm at this hour. we're dropping down to the freezing point again in livermore. in fact tonight's lows sub freezing in many inland locations and then we moderate gradually every single night, overnight. this is san jose with the clear
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skies. we have the high surf advisory tomorrow until 4:00 p.m. cool and cloudy on wednesday with a slight chance of rain. right now, see this right here, this is a good indication that the jet stream is varying over the huge ridge of high pressure providing us with ample sunshine across the entire state. in fact we are talking about uniform numbers, from the mid- 60s to the interior section of the state. 40s in lake tahoe with the forecast of 1 above zero. 65 in monterey bay. getting a good feel for things here. everybody is pretty much in the 60s with this off shore flow. low 60s in pacific and the beaches to ocean beach and across the afterenus. 65 in mountain view. and an off shore wind up to late day and with the bit of a breeze, not too much out there so it is not a spare the air day tomorrow. but what i'm looking at is the five and the seven-day forecast because while we do cloud up on wednesday, and begin to cool
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down, we'll have partial clearing on thursday. computer models are bringing us a better chance of rain showers moving back into the bay area forecast on friday and saturday and this again will kick open the door for more rainy daying in the month of february. until then we are still in this -- under the influence of high pressure. and i have to tell you, for mavericks, they consider a lot of things when they want to call this competition. they want big mountain waves, but they also want blue skies. they want it picture perfect because mid-week on wednesday, we're going to have equally as high surf and i'm also fearing higher surf by next sunday into monday. but it will be cloudy with the risk of rain in the forecast. they don't want that. they want it to look perfect picture on -- perfect picture on television. >> and you're going to deliver. >> we're coming through this time. and slapped with a $14,000 tax bill due all at once.
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what would you do? why one man paid it nothing larger than a 1 dollar bill. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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someone else now owns the
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batmobile. the bubble- topped ride for the caped crusader sold for four-poino move over bruce wayne, someone else now owns the bat mobile. the bubble top ride for the caped crusader sold for $4.2 million at an auction in arizona today. and this wasn't a replica, it was the first one built for the 1960 tv show batman, the highest bidder rick champagne who has champagne taste apparently, he owns a lodgistic companies in arizona. a shatta county man paid his $14,000 property tax bill with coins. larry gas per said it is a protest against the county. he lost his tree business a few years back because he couldn't pay his taxes. and when he tried to pay half of it, he said county officials told him he had to pay it all at once. so he came back with it all in small change. >> i had to borrow some money. i am missing a few payments on my home to pay for my taxes on this piece of property. my grandkids piggy banks, my daughter's piggy banks, my
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money, my change and a lot of people just offering to help a little bit as they can. >> so the clerk seemed surprised at the all-cash payment and they took it and after they spent a couple of hours counting it to make sure it was all there. well anyone fear the beard next year? and the warriors look to snap the losing streak in new orleans. that is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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their new offensive coordinator... olson becomee team's fourth offensive the raids have named their coach and their new offensive coordinator to become the fourth offensive coordinator in the last four seasons. the warriors blew a 16 point lead but still had a chance to
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win. the warriors beat the hornets 116-112 to snap the three-game losing streak. stanford beats rival cal 69-59. both teams are now 2-3 in conference. and hilltop against louisville in merry mont. finally the first league win. saint maries dominated in portland. they cruise to a 60-38 win. and it will probably be bye, bye, bye to the beard. sabeyen said he doesn't expect brian wilson to return next season and he struggled in a workout. it was a tough day for baseball hall of fame and really the game in general. sam earl and mike weaver passed away. weaver was 82 years old and
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ejected 91 times, a career minor leaguer and never played in the major leagues but he was a great coach and said -- and a friend of mine said he was a fire cracker. >> we have to talk about afc and nfc tomorrow. we are hosting one of the games on cbs 5. >> at 3:30, pats and ravens. >> we'll see you on cbs 5. good night. ,,


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